What is this?
Fix My Django is a tool for helping Django developers to find solutions for common Django exceptions. While developing a Django project, if you get any exception in development server and fixmydjango.com has a solution for it will provide a link to the solution of error. This way you wont need to waste your time searching for exceptions on Google or Stack Overflow, just install the lib and be happy!
The lib
Although you can manually search on this website for errors, to make the most of Fix My Django you should install the django lib in your project. If you set it properlly, whenever an exception is thrown in your project, it will look for similar errors and provide a link to show you how to fix it.
Fix My Django only looks for solutions to exceptions thrown from inside Django source-code and doesn't use the exception message to search for similar ones. The lib is 100% open source and anyone can take a look in the source code, the repo is available on Github. This website and the API used by the lib are also an open-source project.